Building your Empower Network Blog Assets + Knowing your METRICS = £


Make things easy on yourself to build Your business!

The current Network wide conversion stats are approx

  • For every 10 unique visitors to the blog (from decent quality search traffic) , 1 person joins at the standard $25 per month membership.
  • From these new members, about 33% upgrade to the ‘inner circle’ membership which is $100 monthly.

…let’s be conservative and adjust that estimate to only 1 in 30 visitors joining you at the $25 membership (3%)


Now, if you can manage to get your blog posts ranking on page 1 of google, you WILL get traffic every day. So, by building up an ASSET base of say, 60 blog posts (blogging daily) …you will build up your monthly visitors every month.

Some will join you, some won’t – some will also actively market their blog and build you team with you and for you. Your blog posts will remain on the internet and will thus continue to act as ongoing advertising (free advertising) for your Empower Network Business.


Metrics – The Easy, yet Targeted way to build your monthly Residual Income by Blogging


TIP: If you’re new ..and/or you wish to make things easy, i recommend you target ‘Longtail’ Keyword phrases when making your blog posts.

example: “How to earn money by blogging online 2012”

Why? well, by just achieving top ranking on a keyword term that receives say, only 92 global visitors a month (which by-the-way is very low…and hence very easy to get ranked for!… ie no-one is competing with you because they are going after ‘bigger fish’) ….We’ll teach you how.

– You’ll get approx 30 vistors per day to that post. = 1 new member in your team a month.

… so by just ranking 60 ‘longtail’ keyword phrase blog posts in google… you can expect to get at least 1800 visitors a month to your blog … probably alot more! =60 team members per month joining you.




OR Just get on Google page one for more competitive keywords and receive a smaller amount of a BIGGER slice of total search traffic eg…. get 5% of 600 monthly searches = 32 Visitors to your blog per month = 1 member

OR Get page 1 ranking, no.1 spot on a Keyword of 300 Global searches / mth = approx 100 visitors a month (36% of 300) = 3 Empower members per month into your team – with just this post.


..and if we go back to the stats..

1800 visitors a month would equate to 60 new team members (1 in 30) and 20 inner circle team members every month….

=60 x $25 is $1500, (half of these sales would PASS UP to your sponsor)
20 x $100 (inner circle) = $2000 …(half of these sales would PASS UP to your sponsor)

…(NB.. You would ALSO receive Pass Up sales from YOUR team too)

So on these numbers (without passups to you!) your income would be $750 + $1000 = $1,750 PER MONTH

…this figure would grow every single month with your expanding team passing you up sales also!

passing up sales to infinity! across and down in your team structure

+ you could continue posting up easy to rank blog posts onto your Empower Network Blog!


= life changing results